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Hi...I am having my second total hip replacement due to osteoarthritis in April. The last LTHR really changed my life and ended the pain, but I'm so stressed about the operation all over again, especially the general anaesthetic and then the recovery period. Also, I still don't especially like the fact of two false hips, although I am really grateful to be able to walk again and wear high heels! Anyone else have similar thoughts?


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    Hello Jochampagne
    how lovely to hear from you and it's great to hear that your first hip replacement was such a success. It is perfectly normal and understandable to feel stressed about your surgery, I don't think it ever gets any easier and in a way because you know what to expect it can make it more stressful. I am sure our members will give you lots of ideas on how to manage this and on how to keep busy before the surgery.
    I myself have 2 hips and 2 knees, I did not like the idea of more surgery either and if anything I got more anxious with more surgeries. Unfortunately needs must, and it was worth it in the end, as you already know from your previous experience. We have a great helpline if you would like to talk to someone their number is 0800 5200 520
    You might also find this section of our website useful
    Best Wishes
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    Hello from me too.

    I agree that surgery, in some ways, becomes harder not easier to face. Despite the known benefits I think we become more aware of potential problems, even though we've never had them. What odd creatures we are :lol:

    My routine, in the countdown to an operation (and I've had a few :roll: ) is:

    1. Ensure I tell whoever is doing the pre-op, the anaesthetist and anyone else who might possibly need to know, of anything that could possibly make a difference.

    2. I don't watch anything medical on the TV for at least a couple of weeks before the op.

    3. I do all the exercises as much as possible.

    4. Once I'm being wheeled down to theatre I just think beautiful thoughts and banish all negative ones.

    Good luck with it all. I hope it'll be every bit as good as the other one.
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    Surgery is a modern miracle. Yes, I suppose for some it can be a daunting process but my experiences have always been good. I have not had any joints replaced (I was refused new knees in 2011 when I was 52 due to extreme youth) and now won't bother as things are so much worse in so many places - being one of the lucky ones with an arthritic foot in both camps complicates matters but I have had some major surgeries in my life and the majority achieved their aim of mending me. Do I envy you the chance to enjoy a better quality of life with greatly reduced pain, hopefully improved mobility and the chance to wear pretty shoes once more? Not in the slightest (and not due to a fear of surgery either) but I hope it all goes well for you and you are able to reap all the benefits that await: please let us know how you get on. DD
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