One PIP assessment and then a home assessment ?

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On the 15th i got summoned to go to an assessment for my PIP which i went to with a family member for support. Everything seemed to go ok. Then a few days later a letter came saying that a Health Care Professional would be arriving at my home on the 6th March. !! I phoned up the phone number on the benefits letter and was told that this was with regard to my ESA. I explained that no where on the letter did it state anything to do with ESA nad had PIP written all over it! The explanation was confusing that she gave and didn't make sense. I have phoned the Citizens Advice twice and still no one has got back to me. (i know that they are under huge pressure) I'm going to try again on Monday. My arthritis is getting worse and my knees are hurting even more now. The doctor suspects the arthritis has gone to the knees. Thankfully an x-ray is being done.....on the same day as my the neighbouring town! So i've got a family member driving me there to make things less stressful.
Unfortunately though i've been told that i've got 2-3 months before i can see a physio. But i know so many are in the same boat. But the benefits letter and telephone call have got me really stressed. I've taken a couple of epileptic seizures.....which makes the arthritis even more painful. I hope i get to speak to someone on Monday at the Citizens Advice.


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    I'm really pushed for time right now but I just wanted to wish you all the very best for Monday. Please let's know how it goes.
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    The outcome was that i have been turned down for PIP nad am waiting to hear about my ESA. Having contacting Versus Arthritis and Epilepsy Scotland, they both have said that i should appeal and i will. It has hit me hard especially as this has come without any warning. Yesterday when i got the letter i was in tears and felt terrible and angry. Last night i ended up taking a seizure. I don't want to leave the house in case i miss a phone call from the Citizens Advice. Have re read the letter they sent and what they have stated is not true about what happened during the actual assessment. Thank goodness i had someone in with me.
    I will just have to jump through more hoops.