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I have bought what i thought i would never want to buy.
As i have to wait 2-3 months for physio i am getting tired of pain and losing my balance(partially due to epilepsy medication) so i bought a frame and i have to admit it isn't brilliant.
I feel steady and safer. The dangerous time for me is night time and early morning when my joints are stiff and it takes a while to walk properly. But i am so glad i bought this. I initially only intended it to be used for me going from my bedroom to the toilet and back as i kept banging into the furniture and doorframe.
The bruises on my legs and elbows hopefully will now reduce!


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    Hello kfr, I am not a member of Helplines, just an ordinary forum bod.

    In the past when things have been grim I have used my rollator indoors because that didn't need lifting (which I think a zimmer does?) It certainly makes life easier and the one I have has a tray attachment over the seat which means I can wheel my tea from the kitchen to the sitting room. I also have a wheelchair but that takes some effort to propel and is not tea-transporting-friendly. I have PsA and OA, the latter is being a right pain - literally - at the moment: roll on Spring! I hope you are as well as possible. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    I have a tri walker thats makes it easy to manoeuvre myself around, not so cumbersome as a zimmer frame. Ive also just recently bought an indoor 2 tray trolley mainly to use as a side table/ dinner table/ laptop table.
    Its awful having that fear of falling over when your struggling to move around!
    I am from another planet, but its ok, they know me there.
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    Hi Kfrweaving

    Many thanks for your post and I’m sorry for the delay in responding. I’m glad to hear that you are feeling steadier and safer after having bought a frame, though I’m sorry to hear that night times can be difficult, and I wonder if you have spoken to your doctor about this?

    It’s good to hear that you are waiting to see a physio and when you do it might be worth asking him/her to check the frame for you, as he/she might be able to advise you further.

    My last thought would be an occupational therapist appointment in your home, this would involve going from room to room and offering help with aids and gadgets. You can ask your doctor for a referral or call your local social services.

    You are very welcome to call us on our helpline: 0800 520 0520 (weekdays 9am – 8pm) if you would like to talk to us informally and in confidence.

    Best wishes
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