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Just joined and wanted to say hello.
Newly diagnosed with RA in process of balancing medication.
Is there an acceptable level of tolerable pain ? :wink:


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    Hi Andired
    Welcome to the forum sorry you are going through a lot of pain at the moment we understand what you are going through as everyone here has a form of arthritis and goes through various levels of pain. However you will find everyone welcoming understanding and kind, on all forums the most popular forums are Living with Arthritis and Chit Chat
    All the best Christine
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    Hi AndiRed and welcome from me, too.

    Wow! What a question! A good one, though, as some people seem to aim for no pain at all and that's a route which can lead to more and more 'painkillers'. (On here, we often call them 'paindullers for obvious reasons.)

    So, yes, I think there is an acceptable level of pain but we each have to work out what it is for ourselves. People experience pain differently and one person's twinge is another's agony.

    I think we have to learn not to be afraid of pain. In 'Healthy World' pain is there to tell us something is wrong so that we can get it fixed. In 'Arthritis World' we can't be fixed so it's a matter of taking the DMARDS which will, hopefully, reduce the pain overall by slowing down the disease. If our blood results are good then they are achieving their purpose regardless of how we feel :roll: But, with luck, that will mean much less pain for you and how you deal with what's left is up to you and your GP. Pain relief is available and we all use it to some extent. I like to keep mine to a minimum.
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    I guess many on here would say that the acceptable level of pain is zero because they are newly diagnosed and have not yet got to grips with the grim reality of living with this condition. I am over twenty years in, have an auto-immune plus osteoarthritis and life became easier once the pain was widespread because the contrast between what hurt and what didn't no longer existed.

    I have psoriatic arthritis and disease activity is well- controlled by injected humira and methotrexate. I began with one joint, now it's around forty; some have one, some the other and others both. I keep my pain relief to the minimum so I have room on maneouvre when needed (I am on maneouvres at the moment due to event preparations). I am able to supplement my morning and evening 30/500 cocodamol with another dose at lunchtime which is helping. Once the event is over I will return to my usual four per day.

    Pain levels are very hard to assess or calculate, one man's agony is another's mild twinge. Pain is frightening, isolating, it restricts us, can curtail our activities but I'm used to it and cannot comprehend living in any other way. I wouldn't want to either, rendering me pain-free would only leave me wondering when it would all start again. DD
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