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Hi I'm Debbie, I'm 38 & was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 6 years ago. I'm struggling & feeling rather down at the moment, I've been in constant pain for months now & doctors just tell me to wait till my next appointment at arthritis clinic. I've never had a flare up so severe, I have pain in feet, jaw, shoulders & hands, then there is the lack of sleep, is this normal & is there anything I can do to help myself?.


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    Hi Debbie
    Welcome to the forum sorry you are going through a lot at the moment we understand what you are going as we all have some kind of pain and various forms of Arthritis. Everyone on the forum is friendly and will try and help in any way to make you feel part of the forum .
    All the best Christine
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    Hi Debbie. I'm sorry things are so rough for you right now. Flares are nasty things and, personally, I don't think I've ever had one that didn't have to be resolved by a tweak in medication so I can understand your GP being unable to help much as only the rheumatologist can change your DMARD prescription.

    How are your blood tests? Do they show increased inflammation? What medication are you on? I take methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine. Have you tried ringing your rheumatology helpline? They might bring your appontment forward.

    Are you prescribed any pain relief?
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    Hello, I have psoriatic and osteoarthritis and am never without pain. The PsA is controlled by injected methotrexate and humira but my joints are damaged hence the OA. It took years for me to find the right combination of meds but this was back in the days when one had to fail on meds before another was tried. It sounds as though your arthritis is not under control - what are you taking and what are your bloods showing? Mine can still flare despite the medication, it usually does in the summer when my immune system is under greater attack thanks to pollens, grasses and trees and the flare lasts for weeks: my OA does not flare, it merely worsens when aggravated, the resulting inflammation is localised and goes with rest. DD
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