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I only have mild arthrits but I've been having trouble opening jars for years.

I've had something with prongs that stick into the sides of the lid. I usually finally manage with that but it can take ages and is getting painful as well as my grip becoming less now.

My silicone disc thingies https://www.lakeland.co.uk/7704/2-Jar-Opener-Lid-Grippers are too slippy and/or I don't have enough grip.

Is this any good? https://www.lakeland.co.uk/13500/Zyliss-Jar-Opener It looks as though it will adjust to fit any jar which I think would be useful. Others I've seen have a few fixed sizes. So if a jar is between 2 sizes, it'll need more grip.

It's a bit tricky to get to a Lakeland shop to try one out - though come to think of it, would they let me bring a jar in and try?!

Any suggestions for a gadget that actually works?

I don't want an electric one. My arthritis is mild and I don't need that and don't have much worktop space anyway.

Thanks very much for advice.



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    Hi Caz
    and welcome to the forums. As you say finding gadgets that a truley useful for the long haul is often very difficult. my gadgets have changed as my arthritis has progressed. I have always struggled with jars and now regulary ask the person at the checkout to losen it for me before I leave the shop, alothough my post man also gets roped in from time to tome. The other thing I have done is bashed a hole in the top to release the vacume and then put tape over it. There is a section on gadgets and tool on the website here https://www.versusarthritis.org/about-arthritis/living-with-arthritis/your-home/ which you might find useful.
    I am sure other members will share their solutions with you. Lets us know what you decide on and how successful it is, other people always find this kind of information usefull
    Best Wishes
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    Hi :D My hands are hopeless and my grip negligible. I tried virtually everything on the market once I got beyond the silicon grip things. Finally, I sorted my problems with the electric jar opener which I know you don't really want. I accept that disability 'takes up a lot of room' as it were and this is annoying but, for me, it's a case of needs must. These do a job and last forever.

    I do have a similar device to the Zyliss one you mention, though, for opening milk / fruit juice cartons. This is it https://tinyurl.com/y4sgcsts . I'm on my second because, eventually (literally, after years), the grip fails somewhat but they're cheap and, for me at least, effective. They just slide to any width you need.

    I can, though, thoroughly recommend the 'husband' device :wink: Since mine retired he's often my first port of call as he's quicker (if a bit swearier :lol: ) and adjusts easily to any kind of top :D
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    hello Caz1 the easiest way to open a jar is to turn it upside down and put the neck of the jar in hot water, the lid expands and minimal grip is needed to open it :)
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    i like the Dycem products. My sister, the OT, gave me some and they're available on amazon.

    They do good bottle and jar openers - though one does need a certain amount of grip power to use them.
    They also do a great non-slip mat which is useful on a tray. We also discovered it works well in the grandchild's highchair too, to stop her slipping!

    One other tip for opening recalcitrant jars is to bash the side of the lid with a knife handle. It releases the vacuum that helps to keep the lid on.
    Downside is that it damages the lid a bit.
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    I found the postman or any other visitors handy, especially for bleach bottles: I'm still training those around me not to fully close the latter, it's taking years. :roll: DD
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