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Update.... well it seems I have a proximal thigh myopathy, whether it’s a myositis ( inflammatory) or not I need another MRI.. I am waiting for my appointment ( 3 weeks and counting).
Then I guess it a month sale bi- opsy...

My RA is under control with my Cimzea, I am noticing swellings on the base of my feet near big toe, joints I guess.. They do ache as my R A is chronic in my feet...

The RA or myopathy is causing a lot of fatigue, the problem s I cant tell which one causes it..

The myopathy they say is not caused by the Cimzea... I am pleased in one way as it helps my RA so much..

I still can’t walk far as lifting my feet is difficult due to the thigh muscle loss... I’ve not worked now since last November.
I’m putting a claim in for PIP and ESA.. I’ll keep you posted with the outcome... One thing, I got my blue badge... Every little helps.. m0150 .. TTFN..


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    It certainly does and I'm pleased you have your Blue Badge but sorry other things are still up in the air. I hope they will get to the bottom of it all sooner rather than later. Please do update us as and when and good luck with the claims.
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