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I know that a lot us have depleted immune systems, thanks to some of the DMARDs we have to take to dampen down our RA.

I was watching a tv programme “Secrets of Your Supermarket Food” and they included an item on bagged salads.
These have the potential to cause serious food poisoning in people like us who are already vulnerable to infections.

If my hands are bad, I sometimes opt for ready prepared veg - like neeps and butternut squash - which will be fine as they’re exposed to heat when cooked.

I’ve taken bagged salad off the shopping list now. It’s more expensive than whole heads of lettuce and needs to be thoroughly washed before use, despite what it may say on the bag, so in the long term it won’t save me time or effort anyway.

I shall ask Mr Mac to grow more salad in our garden this year.


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    I think that is a wise move, BettyMac. I can understand why busy people (or rather those who like to call themselves busy when, in reality, they're just doing the usual things of life) use this type of food, and I have bought the occasional bag of prepared salad leaves but nothing else on the prepared veg front.

    Food prep can be a nightmare for those of us with dodgy hands, who says that carrots etc. have to be peeled and sliced? There's nothing wrong with scrubbed and cooked whole, when done they are easier to slice. DD
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    Thanks for the warning.

    I recall, some months ago, there was a scare about rocket(?) in such packs as even the healthy were succumbing.

    My go-to lettuce is iceberg as it's the only one my grandson likes and it has the advantage of being cheap and keeping well.

    I only occasionally get a bag and I carefully leave any leafy 'decorations' in restaurants as I doubt they'll have been washed.

    I think enlisting the help of your resident gardener :wink: is a good plan. I like the ones you can just take a few leaves off and they'll keep on growing.