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I was first diagnosed at age 31 after a sudden, very bad flare-up of my arthritis after drinking suspected spoilt beer. I'm allergic to penicillin and have had flare-ups in the past after eating Stilton, yeast products and wine which had 'corked'.
Arthritis is when your immune system over-reacts and attacks your healthy cells.
Therefore I would suggest avoiding foods containing yeast and overripe foods being especially careful of grapes which have a 'bloom' on them(natural yeast) or have started to go mouldy, unpasteurised milk products and anything which may have moulds, fungi or yeast in them.
I also noticed that my arthritis was worse when I had a cold or virus.
Using the new style milks available now which are double or triple filtered seems to help
Otherwise follow a low fat balanced diet to stay healthy!


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    I think it's common sense to avoid any mouldy food, corked wine an unpasteurised dairy products whether or not we have a compromised immune system but, certainly, those of us who have should give them a wide berth. That apart, the recommendation is for a Mediterranean type of diet.

    Not all types of arthritis are due to an overactive immune system, though. Osteoarthritis isn't. You could read up on them here.
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    I have never found diet a factor in my psoriatic arthritis but it does affect my osteoarthritis: if I overdo the acidic foods I love (pickles, chutneys, tomatoes) the OA is aggravated but at least the reaction is localised and easily dealt with, unlike that of the PsA. DD
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