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So after my recent appointment at the rhemotologist who i waited 15 months to see. He suggested that I was to g back on methotrexate or steroids which I have tried both before and both never helped at all and I had a lot of bad side effects with. He then suggested I was to start on hydroxychloroquine which I agreed to start.

I'm wondering if anyone has been on this medication and if it has helped at all?

Thank you.


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    Hi Kalechase18
    Welcome to the forum sorry you are going through a lot at the moment we understand what you are going through as everyone here has a form of arthritis. We are friendly and welcoming and imformative the most popular forums are Living with Arthritis and Chit Chat.
    All the best Christine
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    Hello :D

    It sounds as if you have been under a rheumatologist previously but that the steroids and meth didn't work for you. It tends to be a 'horses for courses' thing with DMARDS and we all have to find which works for us by a process of trial and error. Having said that, steroids, for all their potential side effects, do work for most people so you are unfortunate if they don't for you.

    I take hydroxy and have done for very many years but I take it with meth(otrexate). between them they do a good job for me. I've never had any problems with the hydroxy which is a mild DMARD. I hope it helps.
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    Thank you for replying!! I have said that in the future I might be willing to 're try steroids but for now I'm staying away haha. I'm glad to hear that the hydroxy in combination with the methotrexate has helped you and that has made me feel more positively about starting the hydroxy 😊 thank you again for your response!!
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    I take Hydroxy too and have found it ok although it did affect my stomach to start with so I took it in the middle of a meal which helped. Ok now though.

    Just remember to get your eyes tested :) That's the only worry with hydroxy I haven't had any problems though.

    Best of luck

    Toni xx