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I have OA and RA I was referred to see a physio at the local hospital by one GP with a problem with my right knee, to cut a long story short I had been having pain and on off swelling for some time but had got no where with GP. She sent me for xrays and said she thought there was some arthritis in left knee and foreign body in right one but we would see what the report said. On my next visit to her the report said my right knee was fine but she was convinced that it wasn't and got an MRI done. There was a foreign body present so I was referred to Orthopaedics where I was yesterday.
I was sent to xray as it was 6months since last one. I was shown the previous and the new xray and I was shocked to see the object clearly visible on both xrays. But what shocked me most was the degree of arhtritis now in my right knee ater 6 months. They are going to try to remove the object via a scope if that doesn't work or they can't do it I will have to consider a knee replacement. I am just glad the Physio was on the ball.


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    There seems to be no rhyme nor reason in how quickly or slowly things can deteriorate. Sometimes we can plod on for too long simply because we're used to doing so.

    You clearly had a good experience with the physio and I am pleased. I hope that, one way or another, things will improve now.
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    Thanks Stickwicket she was one working at the hospital assessing patients our GP's seem to be sending people to the department for them to order any tests so it doesn't come out of their budgets.The only problem is it takes longer than if your GP had done the x rays. The orthopods are going to try with the scope but were not too hopeful it will improve things but I want to try that first to see if it does
    They said I may have to stop the methotrexate that I have spent the last 3 months trying to get up to my target dose of 15mg. Which I have found hard with travelling every 2 weeks to the hospital for bloods I was hoping to be going on longer spacings as it is over 50mile round trip that takes a couple of hours each time. But we have to do what we have to do.