Pip Assessment

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I’ve finally had my assessment date come through but worried as after speaking to a colleague that I work with who was turned down by the same assessor, even though she has a false leg. She said she was told by the assessor that due to the fact she walked from the car to the assessment office then her movement was fine and didn’t need Pip support. Does this sound correct?, my main concern is on a bad day I would struggle to walk that distance without a doubt but on a good day I would be able to, trouble is the longer time goes on the less good days I get.


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    good morning silverfox, the assessor will be scrutinising every little thing you do, go into the assessment thinking about your worse days
    we all have good days but honestly how long do they last.. :
    tell it how it is on the bad days because you probably have more of those.. if you have to crawl upstairs on all fours tell them, if you can't wipe your backside because you hands are too swollen tell them, give it to them straight... don't be embarrassed and
    don't feel guilty about trying to claim a benefit you are entitled to..