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Hi Folks, I'm a new member, I have Psoriatic Arthritis I took early retirement on medical grounds 7 years ago . Over this period my condition has been controlled by medication ( methotrexate Naproxen ) .but 4 months ago was told to stop taking Naproxen due to adverse blood test results, Since then I have been having weekly pain attacks lasting 3 days a few days respite followed by pain . The pain is always moving from one foot to another then an ankle or knee. It appears to be soft tissue type pain
Been to the doctors 3 times in the past month who has tried altering my pain meds from Co -Codomol to Tramadol but no success ,
What is really getting to me is my mental state struggling with poor sleep and feel the onset of depression as I'm very low and tearful
I just feel so trapped with the pain ,anxiety and depression
Sorry for the moan and thanks for reading


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    Hello, you are having a tough time aren't you? I am so sorry, I too have PsA and osteoarthritis, some joints have one, some the other and others both. I take injected meth and injected humira (soon to be changed to imraldi, a a bio-similar) and that is controlling disease activity but does nothing for the pain (and never has). My pain is constant, fixed and widespread so relatively easy to deal with because I always know what's what: I think your nomadic pain must make things harder.

    For pain relief I take between four and six 30/500 cocdamol per day, this (like all pain relief) merely dulls the sharper edges allowing me to get on. I used to have naproxen which was fairly useless but the humira got to grips with the inflammation so was able to drop it. There are other NSAIDs available, it seems that you need another medication to manage your condition so has anything been suggested or have you asked? Over my arthritic years I have taken tablet meth, leflunomide, cyclosporine and sulphasalazine (the usual DMARDs) and celebrex, diclofenac and naproxen (NSADIs). I also had a stomach protector to take alongside the diclo and naproxen. I began back in 1997, started meds in 2002 and wasn't accurately diagnosed until 2006 but that changed nothing. The OA was diagnosed in 2011 and I plunged into depression, to this day I take a small daily dose of an anti-reflection to help me cope with the pain; as my rheumatologist pointed out if I am mentally stronger I can physically cope better and I think she is right.

    I hope you find the forum to be of interest, we all get it because we've all got it. More people read than post, which is a shame as it gets rather 'samey' but new voices are always welcome and we do understand. The disease can be isolating, pain can be frightening, we (with our compromised bodies) have to work harder to achieve less than others and learning not to judge ourselves as failures is difficult. I am flaring at the moment, I suspect that after ten years the humira is failing in its efficacy which is not surprising, the body always developed a tolerance to whatever is put into it, so hopefully the change to imraldi will make a difference but I have learned to expect nothing and not be surprised when that is what I get. :lol: DD
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    Welcome to the forums. I am sure you will find advice, help, suggestions, light relief, and friendliness. Most of our members have some form of arthritis or related condition and they will emphasis and over you support.
    At the top of the page in the headings you will see buttons with all the various subjects Versus Arthritis covers. The freephone helpline no. is also there. If you would like to speak to someone about any problem or worry you have you can ring them. But please remember they don't have medical training, but they have a lot of knowledge about arthritis.
    I am one of the moderation team, we all have one or more of the arthritis "hangers on" or care for family with it.
    I look forward to seeing your future posts.
    Best wishes