Sudden Stabbing Pains

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Hello everyone. I am new to the forum.

I have a question. My darling hubby has osteoarthritis in both his big toes, and sometimes when he is relaxing he gets sudden stabbing pains near his toes, but not always where the arthritis is. I'm wondering what causes this pain and if there is anything he can do to stop this coz it really hurts. :(

Any help would be most welcome




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    Hello Kerri and welcome to Versus Arthritis Community Forum

    So sorry to read of your husbands pain in his toes, osteoarthritis is one of several forms of arthritis which is very common amongst most. I will put a link below which may be of some help, you will find that some of our forum members will be along to offer help and support, we value their experiences of how best to approach the pain.'s-story

    Please feel free to telephone our Helpline for any further support, the number is at the head of the page.

    Wish your husband well and enjoy the forum.

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    I have a different kind of arthritis in my toes (psoriatic) and OA in my ankles. I have these sudden stabbing pains too in the big toes, the right more than the left and it's right at the end of the toe. I don't know why it happens but it eases if I get up and walk around a little - I also stretch my tendons by standing on tiptoe, that helps too.

    Where one feels pain often has not much to do with where the site of the pain might be. DD
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    I get those pains too and don't find pain killers help with stabbing pains.

    Like Dreamdaisy I try to move around until they go off.

    The worst time is when I was on the verge of sleep and it happens.

    My guess was always it was nerves playing up, but I don't know why :(

    Toni x
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    I find trying a different position helps, often a small movement helps.
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    Thanks everybody for your replies. It helps to know that other people get this too. I'm going to get my hubby to try your suggestions and see what happens.