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Hi I have 3 types of arthritis as well as multiple chronic illnesses. Diagnosised with arthritis at 10 years old and now 53 I have psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. I've had many treatments including medications, injections. I also suffer with ibs, Diverticular disease, had a few bowel resections due to my gastric issues. I also have fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy, nerve damage from meningitis and a few minor ailments. I was on a lot of medication for this but 35 meds a day plus injections took it's till on my body. Now the only way I can get through my pain is exersise, meditation and a change in diet. Its a daily battle as my stomach is so sensitive now but I keep ploughing on its the only thing you can do. Arthritis alone is a challenge but I can't stress enough that exersise helps.
I was on medication for years and was told the meds were killing me and was given a prognosis of 6 months. So 3 years ago to the day when I became gravely ill I went into respite care stopped all meds. Its been a long battle and the struggle is real. I also have a urostomy but that doesn't stop me from exercising either. I work part time but struggling to keep up with that for obvious reasons. Its the pain that I can't get under control and I don't sleep more than an hour a night due to the severity of it. Tried so many natural remedies too but my stomach again dictates what it wants and doesn't. I'm in a catch 22. I need pain relief but intolerant of it now due to my gastric issues.
Any advise will be welcomed gratefully.


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    Welcome Katholland to our Forum.

    By the looks of it you have multiple conditions but pain is the main one that you are having trouble dealing with - and lack of sleep will definitely not be helping either.

    Here is a link for a booklet on managing pain

    As for sleep here is a link to a section of our website dealing with sleep,

    Hopefully you will find something helpful in there. Please come back and let us know how you get on.


    Amanda x
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    You really have been through the mill, haven't you? I know it's possible, but extremely rare, to have both RA and PsA though many of us have one or the other combined with OA. The NSAIDS messed up my stomach and I've had a hiatus hernia for years which has all caused GORD but I'm fortunate in that, as long as I'm careful with all meds (No NSAIDS of course) I get by quite well.

    Are your autoimmune arthritises under control or are you unable to take DMARDS or biologics? I had thought that injections / infusions bypassed the digestive tract so were more easily tolerated but perhaps I'm wrong. If your blood tests indicate that these are not under control perhaps your first port of call would be rheumatology to try to get something effective. If they are, and it's simply the OA, then it is, indeed, a matter of pain control. I can get by on just a couple of co-codamol at bedtime but you clearly need more. Have you ever tried a pain clinic?
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    Ask for a referral to the Pain Clinic and one of tgeir courses, you never know sonething might 'click'?