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hi i’ve just seem diagnosed with OA. i’m only 44 and have 2 kids and 3 stepkids. i’m trying to come to terms with how arthritis is limiting my life at the moment and would appreciate help with how to manage pain, both physically and mentally.


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    Hi Hiphop44, welcome to the Arthritis Care forum.

    I see you have Osteo Arthritis and you are concerned about managing the pain physically and mentally, mind you if I had that many children I'd be exhausted too!

    The following link provides helpful information for managing your pain.

    I have used mindfullness, might work with the children too! When mine were little I had a cup of tea _ the children could see how much I had left but I wasn't getting up until it was all finished. That time to me was when I could take stock, have a little count to 10 and do some breathing exercises to relax the muscles and so lessen the pain. This link gives you the basics for starting mindfulness, I do hope it helps you too.

    Please take a look around the boards & join in anyway you feel comfortable.

    Let us now how you get on.

    Best wishes,
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    You have a lot to deal with especially if you are newly diagnosed and only just coming to terms with this - or not, maybe. It's hard and takes some time....and then some more.

    I'm guessing, from your username that your OA is in your hip(s). My hips were late to join my RA and OA party but I had it in most other joints and it was tough when the kids were young. I learned, slowly, to pace myself, stop while I could still do more, the value of specific exercises and, most of all, not to try to be Superwoman. I delegated. It taught my boys valuable lessons. I settled for much less in terms of tidiness and even, sometimes, cleanliness.

    We all son learn that, after a hectic day, there will be payback. So, it has to be factored in. If we don't, there'll be even more payback :lol:

    I'd also endorse all that Mod Alice has written. Be gentle with yourself and don't ask too much of yourself.
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