Pain in knee when walking

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Is it a good idea to keep walking, my knee starts to hurt once I start walking outside


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    I think the short answer is yes...but....

    The important thing is to keep the knee and its muscles as strong as possible. Walking will help but, because of the pain involved, we walk awkwardly. This is where exercises come in. They strengthen the knee and its muscles and this means that we experience less pain and the knee deteriorates more slowly. And we can walk further.

    Before I had mine replaced I used to find that, whenever I came back from the supermarket, although it was the last thing I felt like doing, I had to get on the bed and do my knee exercises. They really do help but it's best to do them regularly several times a day.

    Cycling is also good for knees if you can do it. Read this read

    Here are some knee exercises
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    I've always walked because it is essential to keep mobile. You might find that using an aid such as a stick or a crutch makes things easier - it won't reduce the pain but it will ease the strain in the joint. The aid should be held in the opposite hand to the affected joint and your hand should be at hips height. DD
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