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Hi all,

I hope you can advise. I had an injury in July 2018 which was originally diagnosed as ligament damage. Then in January 2019 it was called joint narrowing. An MRI shows severe osteoarthritis. In February 2019, I had an injection of Ostenil Plus which has failed. I was expecting the consultant to arrange a date for a cmc joint replacement as discussed. She is now saying that she wants to rule out nerve pain and I am back to square one!

The pain and stiffness in my cmc joint is affecting all aspects of daily life now and I want to get to the bottom of the problem and get it sorted.

I have some private health cover and the ability to self fund for some treatment. I am very unhappy with the current consultant but am not sure where to go from here. Should I be looking for a consultant for nerve pain or an orthopaedic consultant?

I would be very grateful if anyone can advise.



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    Hi snorkellinginthesea and welcome to the forums.

    Sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in the cmc joint. None of us here are medically qualified but hopefully you will get replies from those with personal experience of your problem.

    The test will probably be to make sure there is no damage to the nerves in your hand and is common for those with carpel tunnel syndrome.

    Best wishes
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    For those who are not sure where that joint is, it's the first joint in the thumb.

    I don't think I can help, I have OA in multiple joints plus another kind of arthritis which affects all my fingers and toes. I had a double carpal tunnel operation back in 2012 so that side of things is better but the arthritis rumbles on because that is what it does. It took years for me to be diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, it took years for the OA to develop thanks to that one but it was easily diagnosed in 2011. Arthritis is a far more complex disease than people credit, I hope you find some answers soon but it is a very common condition which robs it of any drama. I wish you all. DD
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    Hi and welcome to the the forum
    Sorry I wont be much help, but my pain come form the trapezium bone at the base of my thumb and on xray that certainly shows up, so I would check out the nerve pain ,especially after your accident..
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    Please excuse a very brief post. I'm in a big hurry.

    I think you may not realise quite how interconnected things are at the base of the thumb and so how important it is to ascertain exactly where the problem lies before jumping to surgery.

    This might help explain things
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    Until you get a diagnosis, warmth will surely help, a wheat bag or similar placed in the microwave with a small cup of water and heated will serve tgd purpose. Hot wax treatment the same.

    You may get 'served girst' but it will still be the same treatment, don't waste yer money.