Ankle surgery

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Can anyone give me any idea whats involved for ankle surgery please.tia


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    What are you having done?

    Your orthopaedic surgeon is best placed to give you the pro's and con's for any surgery. If anything is too much in medical jargon, your GP can interpet for you.

    Any surgery is always preceeded by a pre-op and that's your chance to ask any last minute questions. If you have any appointments coming up, write your questions down and, if you can, take someone else with you as 2 pairs of ears are much better at remembering facts than 1 pair is.

    There's also the helplines available through Versus Arthritis. Give them a call.

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    Hello again, magnolialady :D

    I agree with GraceB. There are lots of types of surgery depending on what needs doing and which bit of the ankle so best to ask your surgeon though you can read up on it here

    There are people on here who have had it but they don't seem to hang about so it must be successful :wink:
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    some of us have had ankle surgery here , either join replacement or ankle fusion

    I had both ankles fused , this is the small joints & will need the air joint done soon , normaly after 6 weeks you can pitch on the joint & then in air boot for another 5 months

    they will take xrays to see the damage to the joint so we cant advise you here but just tell you what we had , waiting was 16 weeks & 5 days in hospital but that was 10 years ago
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    I had my left ankle fused about 18 months ago. Plaster for 6 weeks (mustn't put any weight on it), then air boot for 6 weeks. Then a crutch for a couple of weeks.
    They chuck you out of hospital the next day so make sure they send you home with strong painkillers as the nerve blocker wears off the 2nd night. If you live on your own, you will need someone to come in for the first 3 days unless your kitchen is within crawling distance.
    They said they couldn't do replacement as I was too young.
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    Hi austenmini and welcome to the Versus Arthritis forums.

    It sounds as though your surgery for ankle fusion was successful. Your experience sounds about right: there is a good thread on preparing for surgery and going to hospital on the forums:

    Do introduce yourself and tell us a little bit more about your experience with arthritis.

    I look forward to reading your posts.

    Best wishes