No money next month thanks to the PIP assessment

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I had my home PIP assessment a few weeks ago and got the letter today declaring that there is nothing wrong with me. Even though i have epilepsy and arthritis and have a heap of paperwork to support me application. At first i was in shock when i read through their reasoning, then i was totally mad, furious, angry! Then broke down in tears as i quickly realised that i still have to hear about my ESA assessment and if i am turned down for that it means that i will be having to appeal for two benefits. Basically they have stopped my PIP this month, so there will be nothing coming in next month. I am unemployed so don't have any income and don't have a partner who can help me out.
Everything they said in the letter was rubbish....... it was so vague. I'm glad i had someone sitting in the assessment with me.
Have phoned Citizens Advice and they have said they will contact me back hopefully by the end of the week. Also phoned the helpline here.....the lady who i spoke to was wonderful. And i phoned Epilepsy Scotland who also gave advice and told me to reapply. I've read that 71% of appeals are successful so i will definitely give it a go. The only thing i don't want to do is to speak to someone from the Benefits regarding my PIP or ESA.......i just find myself getting so stressed out! Will be interesting, but i suspect frustrating going through an appeal. But this morning when i read that letter i really felt sick, but determined not to let those people win. What a day of phone calls! K


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    Do appeal get cab to supply templates with things to include in your appeal. Did u go alone for your assessment? I answered a very long answer in the forum but lost it, so will keep this shorter, please reply. Glad u r appealing, u obviously have 2 serious illnesses and need support for both causes. Still ca t stop get annoyed with the assessors clever questions to trip up the fraudsters, system now so rigorous.