Anxiety over benefits

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Haven't slept properly since i heard i was getting my PIP cut completely on Wednesday. No warning, Nothing.
Took one large seizure this morning, also one large seizure yesterday morning early hours. Citizens Advice have said they would call back and they haven't.....i'm not angry as they are overworked and not paid. But am worried in case i miss a call.
Have phoned them and told them i will be visiting my doctor on Monday and my bank as now my finances are in a complete mess and i'm struggling with that cloud of depression.
I'm still waiting to hear about my ESA benefit. If that is cut completely aswell then i won't be surprised. I am going to appeal but feel scared, depressed, don't really want to discuss it with friends and don't really know what the next step is. All that i do know is that i don't want to talk to the people on the phone from the benefits centre as i struggle to keep calm. I'm going to see a cpn nurse because of my depression. A friend took me out last night to get me out of the house, but i just couldn't enjoy myself and found myself smiling at things that i didn't really find funny at all. Things just feel kind of numb. I dread brown envelopes coming in the door.


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    I'm so sorry to learn this and badly t is affecting your general health. I think you're doing all the right things by appealing, enlisting the help of CAB and seeing the GP and the bank. Sadly, doing all the right things rarely provides an instant solution. How are things now or, to be more exact, how are YOU now?
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    Hi there. So sorry to hear about the sudden cut off for PIP.

    You are perfectly correct to be in touch with CAB who will be able to help you through the minefield. If you need to talk to someone in confidence, do ring our Helpline on 0800 520 0520 first thing on Monday. More details here.

    Do come back to let us know how you get on over the coming week.
    All best wishes
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    I'm still struggling. Waiting on a CAB appointment on 3 May to see about my PIP. Waiting on a phone call from CAB about getting an appointment arranged for ESA.
    Am still waiting to hear back from my GPs surgery about seeing a cpn nurse. Received detailed information about the assessment of my ESA and was gobsmacked. So much of it was completely twisted and they had put things in that didn't exist. They made up distances that i could and couldn't walk........ I'm still in shock, but have gone through the paper, page by page and highlighted all the sections that i felt were innacurate. I have requested a detailed description of my PIP assessment, so that i can go through that and highlight areas that they have clearly ignored or deliberately ignored.
    I did manage to see a physio and am now on crutches instead of a walking stick. This also helps my balance for my epilepsy aswell as pain in my hip. But I am just trying to keep calm and be patient. My epilepsy nurse and GP and physio are excellent and have said that they will write out a highly detailed report. I still feel feel. up and down emotionally. Sometimes numb and other times just angry, but i know i have to be patient as there are so many others in the same boat as me and who are going through worse. Thank you for your kind comments :-)
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    Just didn't think that both my PIP and ESA would be completely cut. Everything feels really surreal at the moment.