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Hello, I should properly start with introducing myself. I'm Amy and am totally lost when it comes to introductions, I have been suffering with rheumatoid arthritis since i was in my teens, but only now that i am in my early 40's am i finally getting help and treatment. I would like to add that if it wasn't for my hands deciding they would also like to suffer with Carpal tunnel i wouldn't have finally been listened and believed.
So that's my short story, :D


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    Good morning Amybubble,

    Thank you for joining us on the forum. I guess it’s better late than never to get a diagnosis but I hope that hasn’t left you with damage issues to your joints. It’s not many people that have cause to be grateful for carpel tunnel!

    I’ve found a leaflet on carpel tunnel here


    And here is our general booklet on rheumatoid arthritis


    I hope you find a little something to help in those. Do post and let us know how you get on

    Take care
    Yvonne x
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    Hi Amy and welcome from me too.

    I'm totally gobsmacked that you've managed to plough on for all these years with untreated RA. I guess mine went 'barely treated' for many years because, when I was first diagnosed at 15, there were no DMARDS on offer so it was just aspirin, NSAIDS and the odd burst of steroids. I'm so glad you've finally got a diagnosis and are now, hopefully, on meds which will hold back the disease. I take methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine now and do very well on them though the damage is already done. How about you?

    Quite a few people on here have had the carpal tunnel operation and, if you scroll down this forum, I'm sure you'll find some of the threads.

    Please join in anywhere. Living With Arthritis is the most popular forum. I'll look forward to seeing you there.
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    Hello, it took nine years for me to be accurately diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis but, as I had been taking meds for four years prior to that, it didn't make a huge change to anything. I began in 1997 then in 2011 osteoarthritis was diagnosed: some joints have one, some the other and others both. I have the psoriatic without much of the psoriasis which is an odd way round to do it but why conform? :wink:

    I had a double carpal tunnel operation in 2012 and that finally put paid to my work, I was a self-employed tutor for dyslexics and but then had had enough anyway. I hope you find the forum to be of interest, we all get it because we've all got it and new voices are always welcome. DD
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