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Hello, I broke my right wrist in November last year and am just about to return to work shortly on a phased return. I damaged my radial carpal joint after tripping at work and have been diagnosed with mild oesteo arthritis there.
Can I ask a question please?
Could this be classed as a disability under the Equality Act 2010?

I assume my joint will not get better in time.

Thank you.


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    Hi Chrobo
    Welcome to the forum,so sorry about your wrist and diagnosis,glad the wrist has healed quickly . On this forum everyone has some form of Arthritis and will try and help in any way to make you feel part of the forum and answer your questions. The most popular forums are Living with Arthritis and Chit Chat.
    All the best Christine
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    Thank you for your understanding response. I’m sure this forum will be a very good source of information.
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    Hello, it's nice to meet you and I apologise because I don't know the answer.
    Osteoarthritis is incredibly common and it will not get better: at the very best it won't get any worse. As it is in such a limited area I don't think it could be classed as a disability but who knows? What do you do for work? I was able to carry on for years (I have two kinds) because I was self-employed in a sedentary role). I finally had to give up after seventeen years, I have been arthritic for a total of 22 years and now have around forty affected joints so it is hard to remember how things were when it was so limited. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Dream Daisy, Thank you for your response. I’m a site manager with many manual jobs using my hands. I will be working on a phased return and have a meeting tomorrow regarding what I can and can’t do at the moment. I am concerned my OA will affect my ability to do repetitive duties like cleaning for instance, I’d rather not agravate the joint to much.
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    Hi Chrabo. I'm sorry to hear about your wrist but it's an excellent idea to plan ahead.

    Frankly, I'm so long out of the work place i can't answer your question about disability. Many years ago there was a list of people officially classified as disabled and I was on it but then it was discarded and it became a matter of how one classified oneself.

    If you are a member of a union it would be good to ask about this. Or anyone in your workplace in charge of occupational health. If you have problems because of a disability then adjustments should be made.
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    Chrabo I think I have just replied to your post on LWA.

    Interesting enough it was about arthritic gloves and I mentioned my SIL using them. She is a supervisor at a large Amazon warehouse and swears by them. You know how hard they make them work at those places!

    Best of luck

    Toni x