Jaw arthritis

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I'm looking to see if anyone has had similar problems to me, to see if arthritis is a possible cause of my jaw pain.
After conducting my own research, I have a lot of symptoms that could be explained by some form of arthritis in the jaw. A constant ache that been going on for months that can turn to a sharp fierce pain lasting weeks at a time. Swelling around the joint that falls down under the jaw and chin, with swelling that goes down the neck. This swelling can vary in intensity and placement but does not go away when the pain is bad. My jaw has very limited movement and eating can become difficult, even swallowing can be awkward when the swelling is bad. Has anyone else had these experiences? I've been to the doctor numerous times and they are stumped, I'm being referred to a specialist. I'm only 26 so it's not a usual thing to go for but arthritis runs strongly in my family at young ages.
I hope to hear your experiences!
Thank you x


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    Hi Becky
    Welcome to the forum, sorry you are in discomfort with your jaw pain at any level is tiring and unpleasant,hopefully the specialist will uncover what you have. Everyone on the forum has Arthritis of some kind and understand what you are going through, we are also very friendly and sympathetic people, and will try and help in any way to make you feel part of the forum the most popular forums are Living with Arthritis and Chit Chat.
    All the best Christine