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Hi . I have been taking Sulfasalazine for 7 weeks now and I don’t feel any different. I took it previously for 10 years and my RA was well under control so much so I was told it had burned out , gone. For 3 years I needed no treatment but it has come back with a vengeance far worse than before and the Sulfasalazine doesn’t appear to be making any difference. Should I wait ? Is this normal? Or should I see my doctor


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    Hi Lesley
    Welcome to the forum,it wouldn't do any harm to see your GP again ,everyone is different and sometimes drugs need to be changed or reviewed and if you feel it hasnt taken the pain away or worked, then the GP should know.everyone on the forum is friendly and understanding and will try and help in any way to make you feel part of the forum the most popular forums are Living with Arthritis and Chit Chat .
    All the best Christine
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    Dear Lesley,
    Thanks for your enquiry. Generally you will have a rheumatology specialist nurse who you can contact. They will often have fuller information about your situation. For example they will have all of your blood test results - and you could ask them to explain your inflammatory readings over the last few weeks.
    The disease modifying drug - dmard - should be targeting your inflammatory levels and bringing them under control. But the dmards all work slowly, and you may need to wait the full 3 months to see progress.
    If you are feeling flared up and unwell, the rheumatology nurse can discuss medication with you. They can sometimes offer a steroid injection, to help you while you are waiting for the Sulphazelazine.
    At this time it can be very difficult. If you'd like a chat about things, you'd be welcome to ring us at the Helpline. Trying to keep moving, pacing yourself and using support are all still good options.
    Take good care.
    All the best
    Guy (Helpline Team)