PIP Fraud

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One of the things that really winds me up – apart from people using Blue Badges that don’t appear to need them – is people claiming PIP when they are not entitled. I expect that a large number of genuinely disabled people either know or suspect others of claiming to be disabled when they are clearly not. I have no problem whatsoever in reporting them to the DWP which can be done quite simply on-line at https://www.gov.uk/report-benefit-fraud It is totally anonymous so there is no fear of repercussions. During the past 12 months I have reported:

1. Someone who was in receipt of the Higher rate of PIP yet was a coach driver and passed his annual medical for his licence! He bragged to someone that he had new a Motability car which was relayed to me.

2. Someone else who borrowed a wheelchair to go to their assessment.

3. Someone else who walked into the assessment centre with her daughter who was carrying a pair of crutches, after the mother had booked into reception the daughter handed over her crutches saying “here Mum you need these”.

Regrettably you never get to find out the outcome of such reports but hopefully it will contribute to less fraudulent cases. Don’t be afraid to report.


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    Hi Mike1,

    Thanks for your comments, it is however very distressing for many people entitled to a blue badge when they are challenged by passers by when they look fine or maybe don’t use a walking stick. This behaviour is made worse when we are told repeatedly about disabled people claiming fraudulently.

    There are many more people unable to get benefits they are entitled to due to the system set up by the government than those frauds.

    I agree there are people who seem able to 'use' the system to claim things they are not entitled to but the way the government are trying to encourage the public to report others does not engender a nice atmosphere and making these things anonymous means a falling out of friends or feeling of unfair treatment when others appear to get housing first can lead to benefit sanctions unfairly.

    Wazz x
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    Don't get me started on Blue Badges, that really winds me up especially when I see people dashing out of their cars, walking around town for a couple of hours then carrying bags and bags of shopping back to their cars. I am painfully aware that not all disabilities are visible but I am equally aware that some are issued to those that do not need them and that the badges can also be abused by family members.

    My post was about fraudulent PIP claims and I have no qualms in reporting those cases where I have positive evidence, albeit third party in some instances. The very reason that the Government is trying to cut disability claims is that there is so much fraud out there as can be seen on the BBC TV series "Claimed and Shamed". Reporting real cases of fraud can only benefit those of us who are genuinely disabled.
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    I think I agree with both of you :lol:

    Undoubtedly, there is benefit fraud though it pales into insignificance when set against tax fraud and tax evasion, the latter often perpetrated by those making the laws on benefit fraud :roll:

    Having said that, I've never known anyone who was guilty of benefit fraud. (Is Cornwall a hotbed of vice, Mike :wink: ) The nearest I've come is a bus-driving neighbour who was, to the great amusement of the locals, considering applying for DLA because of the mild arthritis in his hands.

    It's years since I heard anything about reporting potential fraudsters but, because I know how unfair the current PIP system is, I'd virtually need proof before doing so. The coach-driving Motability car owner does sound to need investigating but the others?

    People have complained on here about how far the walk to the assessment centre was from a car park / bus station. I'd be wondering if the person in question was simply unable to walk that far and if that was the reason for the borrowed wheelchair. Even now, I prefer to walk whenever and wherever I can but we often take mine 'in case' as in hospital appointments where I've never been to that hospital before and don't know how far I'll have to walk. Plus, some people do allow arthritis to make them into recluses who rarely go out so don't think of having their own wheelchair.

    And the crutches? I can't use them so don't know how they work but I can envisage situations where it might be simpler and safer to discard them briefly in order to negotiate some types of steps or revolving doors.

    I think, if the choice was between risking shopping someone genuine and risking allowing a fraudster to gain access to benefits, I'd prefer to keep quiet and let the fraudster try to work the system rather than causing more pain to someone who might already have too much.

    On the other hand I'd love to close down all Cayman Island and other tax haven accounts :mrgreen:
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    Never judge a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes.
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    Hi djbantiques,

    Lovely to meet you, thank you for your comments. It would be great if you gave us some information about yourself, just to help us get to know each other.

    Do join in anywhere you feel comfortable on the forums

    Take care
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    Sorry , but I would never judge someone on that baisis. We are all different, I would be extremely upset if someone that knows nothing of my struggles and health issues, reported me that way. It's hard enough to go through the humilliation every other year for pip. There are many different unseen disabilitys we have no understanding of. It is usually the way for most of us that no one understands really how an illness is, until it happens to you or a loved one. Illnesses like some types of epilepsy, autism , cancer , lung or heart problems, mental health and many others.
    I like this site because we all have a connection with each other. We get it, without a long explanation.

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    Mike1 you may congratulate yourself but having been falsely accused of claiming benefits I am looking at the trauma and damage that a false report can do to a person and their family. I am entitled to certain benefits but was maliciously reported by my neighbour ( a man who has threatened my life and that of my family members on many occasions0. It was a horrific experience and I would not wish it on my worst enemy ( except my neighbour his onw mother falsely claimed benefits for years and boasted about it in the village). So I do hope you check your facts carefully before you turn someone's life upside down.

    Don't get me started on blue badges I don't have one but was challanged for getting out of my car with my crutches a couple of weeks ago, a couple of elderly men questioned if I should even be allowed to drive.
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    I fully understand how false accusations can affect someone however I made it clear in my post that I have reported suspected fraudulent PIP claims where I have had positive evidence such as the case quoted where a person was in receipt of the Higher rates of PIP for both the living and mobility components yet was a coach driver who had to pass an annual medical. It is not a case of congratulating myself as I do not get any joy out of it whatsoever, indeed it makes me furious that the assessors have not seen through the person who has hoodwinked them yet they are quite happy to withdraw the allowance from those who are obviously in need and subsequently have to go through a mandatory review and appeal in Court and boy oh boy does that cause significant trauma for the individual concerned.