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As promised here is how I manage to get a coat or jacket on or off as I can't get my arms behind me. I had to sort something out as I live alone and have yet to train my cat to help me out. My Home Help only comes once a week (as I have to pay for her myself) and although my bungalow was designated as Supported Housing they have taken away our Warden to save money and have re-designated the bungalows as ordinary social housing.

I have put strong clips either side of my kitchen door and then hang the coat/jacket up by the shoulders allowing a bit of slack. I then put one arm in followed by the other and stumble forward which releases the clips. It is a bit awkward as I have to balance on one crutch followed by the other but it works, sometimes I need a couple of goes though! To take a coat or jacket off just clip in the cuff of one sleeve and pull your arm out before repeating the other side.


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    A good plan for some and kind of you to share it, Mike, but bulldog clips? Not a chance for me. I'll have to stick with my one-arm-through-and-sling-it method :lol:
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    Brilliant Mike, Just wondered if something like this might hep? not
    too expensive either. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Aidapt-contains-Dressing-Eligible-relief/dp/B014L9CW1U/ref=sr_1_4?

    Or the one pictured cost £10.45, also from Amazon.

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    Thanks Kathleen but I do not have a good enough grip to manage using the stick. As it is I have to grip without using my thumbs, i.e. folding my fingers into my palms.
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    What a great idea Mike!

    I love it - very resourceful of you :D

    Thanks for sharing

    Toni xx

    Toni xxx
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    Hi Mike, I have the same problem, a lot depends on the material, I brought a new outdoor waterproof jacket which has a lumpy fleece inner which is a pain in the shoulders to slide up over my arm, its easier without the liner but cooler, can't win!

    You'll soon know its me out and about, a man tilted over and waving his arm at his side with a flapping jacket behind with oh trying to catch me to pull the jacket up for me, haha!