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At the minute I am working full time claiming no benefits. I am finding it extremely difficult at work with the severe OA in my hip. My worry is about what happens when or if I find it too unbearable to work, I have absolutely no idea about benefits or even if I could get help. Walking to a hospital appointment is difficult I am needing someone to lean on which helps. Really starting to worry about the future.


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    You need to see your GP and get a referral to a specialist, there may be a brace which can be provided to help your condition or a different medication, but in any event you will need medical evidence to go forward with benefits if you are unable to work. ESA is the one to claim if you have to stop work, they will assess whether you are able to undertake any work at all. PIP is the allowance which is designed to cover the extra costs involved in being disabled and can be claimed even if you are able to undertake some work. The CAB will be able to help as well.
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    Thanks for your reply. I am waiting to see the specialist atm. I'm just very worried about the future.