Citizens Advice Bureau - PIP & ESA

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Finally got to a drop in appointment at my local CAB, which sadly had been shut down, so only operates a couple of days a week on reduced hours.
But i got template appeal letters sorted out for my PIP and ESA and will be able to post everything off on Sat or Mon!
Couldn't believe how much stuff they read through, were so understanding and felt that i had a good case in both the benefits. The letter was just a template, but the woman wrote it out for me as i wasn't sure exactly what to put..........other than some colourful language! But i feel like i've had something taken off my shoulders. After posting the two letters off, it will be another case off waiting! But the CAB are amazing.


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    hi there,
    i would just like to say good luck, but why we have to fight for benefits we need is beyond me, :x
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    I agree!
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    Really pleased u got the letter of appeals off, a friend is awaiting decision from DWP, wondering if there will be a cut in her benefits, assessor was fine welcoming, a few trap questions sneaked in. Cab sounds great, yeah can de daunting putting letter together and deciding how to word it. Hope u get good results. Brill forum. Amigo