Pregrabelin and Constipation

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How much does pregrabalin cause constipation, I already end in that direction dont want to make it worse


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    I've no idea as I've never taken it but constipation is easily dealt with by increasing one's consumption of water, figs, prunes and general roughage, for example don't peel potatoes or carrots, just scrub them well.
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    Hi Lotsofpain

    A wee bit of investigation - on reputable sites - suggests that constipation can be an adverse effect of the drug.

    As DD says, upping the fluid intake and roughage can make a real difference to a reluctant gut.
    I've found that adding a couple of glasses of water and a slice of whole meal toast or a small bowl of muesli every day keeps my system running well. Luckily, I'm also fond of most vegetables and fruits and manage my 5-a-day

    I suppose, like every drug, one has to weigh up the pros and cons. Maybe a chat with your GP or practice nurse would be reassuring as there are things which can be prescribed, or bought over the counter, that will help.

    Good luck.