In the news this week - some of us have an extra knee bone

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Hope it’s ok to post a link to the BBC.

I thought this might be of interest because researchers say it’s possible this little bone may have a role in arthritis.
They need a lot more research before they can be definite about this.

The fabella, which not all of us have, is a tiny bone behind the knee.
Scientists thought it was evolving out of existence but it’s being found more frequently and they think that could be due to improved nutrition.


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    I saw this too and thought how little we understand the natural mechanics of the human body. I'm not sure how modern nutrition can be reckoned more beneficial with its overload of salt, sugar, chemicals, preservatives, pesticides et al but there you go. It's certainly helping people into early obesity - perhaps this little bone is returning to help the knees support the weight of the owners.

    I also learned that we are born without solid knee caps, they are just a mass of mushy cartilage when we emerge which solidify later in life. I already knew they were nothing to do with the knee joint per se so that is a useful fact filed away for quizzes! DD
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