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Hi all
I was informed around three years ago that had OA in several joints, feet, knees, hips. the last 6 months it seems to have escalated at rather a rapid rate and I now have issues with elbows, ankles and hands. Seeking advice in particular on hips as causing issues at work where I spend a lot of time sitting. Also wanting to know if going to gym and using the cycles is beneficial for the hips and down the line the benefits of possible surgery.

thank you to anyone who responds


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    Hi and welcome from the moderators - exercise is good although you may want to get an 'individual programme' from the likes of a physiotherapist,you will receive lots of useful advice here from the members.
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    Any form of low-impact- non-weight-bearing exercise such as swimming and cycling is beneficial for the whole body but especially for the joints which bear the brunt of high-impact such as walking and running. Gym-wise the cycles and cross-trainers are good. At work, to avoid stiffening up, get up and walk about every half hour or so, more often if you can. DD
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