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Hi there.
I was diagnosed with arthritis at 18months Old, I am now 31 and suffer from RA. I was on naproxen and omerprazole for years and then methatroxate tablets were introduced to manage my flare ups in my knees, which worked for a while and then didn't seem to keep the flare ups at bay and I was having to have my knees drained and have steroid injections more often. I was then switched to methatroxate injections which has worked wonders but the I have a phobia of needles and and have suffered with anxiety self injecting and now having to visit GP for them to do the injection weekly but this is not something I can continue to do on a long term basis and therefore wanted some advice on what other medication is out there that works as good as the methatroxate Injections but that is in tablet form.



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    Hi Chery

    Thanks for your forum message, it sounds as if you’ve been through a challenging time with the anxiety of self-injecting.
    You ask about other medications in tablet form, which would work as well as the methotrexate injections. We are not medically trained so this is something you would want to talk to your rheumatologist/medical professional about. You could try calling your rheumatology nurse who may be able to offer some advice.

    The following link will take you to our information on DMARDs, of which methotrexate is one and might be helpful:

    You are very welcome to give us a call on our helpline: 0800 520 0520 (9am – 8pm weekdays) here we can take our time to talk things through informally and in confidence.

    Best wishes
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