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Hi everyone.

New here. Not sure if I will become a long term visitor, but if this is allowed I would love to hear if others have had similar experiences.

I don't know if I have arthritis, but I know that what I'm experiencing now isn't normal and that I've definitely got the background history and family medical history that would make this a possibility.

I've had psoriasis since I was 16. I know that this can lead on specifically to psoriatic arthritis but that there are many possible kinds.

For me, this all started last year when I started to notice that my big toe felt bruised. As time went on, this bruised feeling became stronger and more frequent, and my toe felt stiff and harder to bend. Not always, but frequently. I ignored it. It was 'just a toe' and wasn't affecting my quality of life, so I saw no reason to seek medical advice.

About two months ago, one of my knees started feeling stiff and getting a similar pain. This progressed much more quickly, maybe because the joint is bigger and used much more? It's accelerated particularly in the last couple of weeks, and now my other knee seems to be starting with the same. Low level pain happens daily, seemingly for no reason. Again, not all the time, but I'd say at least 50% of it. There's also the stiffness.

After I've been moving around for a while it's worse. I work in a job where there's a lot of crouching down and standing back up, and this is getting increasingly difficult and more painful. That's when I really notice it. But the worst experience was yesterday when I left work in some level of pain, but sat down for two hours after work and when I stood again the pain was very intense and I could barely get my legs straight.

I'm trying to book a GP appointment but there just aren't any available yet. I think this week has been particularly low on appointments due to the Bank Holiday.

In the meantime, I'd love to know if this is what arthritis might be like. My family has a vast array of autoimmune conditions so I know I'm genetically predisposed, and this is what I imagine it to be like.


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    Good morning Blade,

    Welcome to the forum. Well done for heading to your gp - it is so hard to get appointments now but you need to keep persevering.

    Here’s a booklet that might help

    It is very comprehensive and includes sections on when to see a doctor, how you can help yourself and working with arthritis

    Do keep posting, ask any questions, remember others have found ways to manage their condition/s and we are all willing to share what we know

    Take care
    Yvonne x
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    Who knows what another's arthritis is like? The auto-immune ones damage differently to each other but, with your family history, it sounds as though an auto-immune kind is a distinct possibility.

    My parents dodged the genetic bullets they happily fired into me, I was born with eczema and developed asthma aged seven (thanks MA for those little gems!) then began what was finally diagnosed as psoriatic arthritis when I was thirty-seven (cheers Pa!) I do not have much psoriasis but occasionally it breaks out, it's pustular and affects my palms and soles and after twenty-plus years my nails are weakening. PsA traditionally begins in the smaller joints such as the fingers and toes, mine began in my left knee. It is one of the sero-negative forms of auto-immune arthritis so GPs, who arrange blood tests and they return with no rheumatoid factor present, wrongly conclude that auto-immune arthritis is not the issue.

    I have to go now, for one reason and another I have been awake since 2am and cannot think clearly. I'll be back later to see if you have replied and do my best to answer any further questions you might have. DD
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    I tend to agree with you that some autoimmune form of arthritis sounds like a definite possibility. But I have no medical qualifications only all too many years of RA and OA. I think you're doing exactly the right thing by going to the doc. He or she might want to do a blood test before referring you to a rheumatologist. However, do bear in mind (what some G P's don't seem to understand) is that psoriatic arthritis gives a negative result for the rheumatoid factor so, even if the blood tests is negative, it doesn't necessarily mean you don't have an autoimmune form of arthritis.
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    Hi everyone, thanks for your replies.

    I've managed to book a GP appointment for Tuesday morning. I'm now on the last of my 4 days off work so since I've booked the appointment I haven't had too many signs and symptoms as my days have been quite restful, so I started doubting myself but woke to a twinge of pain and stiffness this morning that reminded me that the visit is worthwhile.

    I'll no doubt update after the appointment.
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    Good afternoon Blade. I am glad you managed to book that appointment. Keep us updated. Warm wishes Vicky
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    Hey Blade,

    You could ask for a blood test to check for high levels of uric acid to help rule out gout.

    Just a thought, hope it goes well.

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    I think I used to have times of feeling better but they're long gone. :lol: One sign for me was that the inflammation that began in my left knee never went, it just solidified so when more occurred it just floated round the outside; I eventually ended up with my knee being 27"in circumference, all above the knee cap, which looked very weird.

    GPs know a little about a lot but there has been an overall improvement in their awareness of auto-immune inflammatory conditions. Whether that includes them knowing about sero-negative types well, I have no idea. Given your family history I would ask for a referral to rheumatology, go straight to those who know a lot about a little. Please let us know how you get on. DD