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We are at our son's in California and, last night, were watching the Dodgers' game. Among the copious ads was one for humira :o It extolled its virtues then said anyone with RA should contact their rheumatologist and ask for it.

It did say who shouldn't ie those with epilepsy etc but I'm still boggling at the idea of the patient (knowing only what they know from TV ads) telling the rheumatologist ( many years of study) which meds they need. (And, of course, then paying for them.)

It's a funny old world.
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    Phil Mickelson is a walking advert for humira: it was his first choice of drug (no mucking about with piddly DMARDs for him) and being a multi-millionaire golfer meant he could afford it. For those Americans who cannot I guess they're stuffed. Like you I find the idea of advertising these things odd but, given their health system, surely it's just the next step up from the ads for OTC products we have? The biggest social benefit of this country is that we can use the NHS or we can pay to see the same specialist quicker, a professional double-standard that gets my goat.

    Ill-health is a business, something that the NHS helps us forget. It's no accident that some of my best-performing shares are in GlaxoSmithKline and similar, talk about a no-brainer. The NHS could improve its coffers by charging those who do not qualify upfront before treatment is undertaken but that's another issue. DD
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