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Hi everyone
At the of January I was diagnosed with a bloodclot in the back of my knee.after numerous tests xrays I have a large bakers cyst and oastioarthritus.
I am not coping well I had three jobs and now down to one which I am off sick because swelling and pain.
Can anyone help with pain remedies as i am still on blood thinners and can take no anti inflammatory medication


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    Hello an welcome asmith to the Versus Arthritis Community Forum.

    I'm sorry you have had to reach us with the various situations that you have, it seems like you have a quite a lot going on. Firstly, can I recommend that you speak with our Helplines 0800 520 0520 for some advice, and, secondly, can I suggest that we see what good sound response we get from the forum members in terms of advice and support. We have some really good forum users with probable knowledge of your problems.

    I have found a link that may be of use to you in the mean time:-


    Enjoy the forum.

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    Hello, it's nice to meet you and I am sorry you have had to find us. I have an auto-immune arthritis which began in 1997 and OA which was diagnosed in 2011. For the general pain I take co-codamol 30/500 which dulls enough of the sharper edges enough for me to get on, if I overdo things and cause localised OA inflammation then I apply Voltarol cream which contains an anti-inflammatory ingredient. I don't know if this makes it a possibility for you but someone who might is your pharmacist, have you thought about asking them?

    I can't help on the work front because now I am retired and when I was working was self-employed. I got used to working with pain which is just as well as I'm never out of it. :lol: Constant pain is demoralising and frightening and combatting it is a constant topic on here. I find it easier to deal with it if I keep to a minimum dosage of my pain relief (four co-cos per day) and distract my mind so I am not thinking about it. Having said that I'm off to finish my Jigsaw as I am now thinking about it!

    Please let us know what your pharmacist has to say. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Thankyou for response I am taking the same pills as you but I am not allowed to have any anti inflammatory medication.
    But thankyou