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Hi everyone
I have been recently diagnosed (March) with inflammatory arthritis mainly in both shoulders and collar bones.I was started on Sulfasalazine but unfortunately after three weeks was taken off of it due to it affecting my white blood cells and liver etc. I had noticed an improvement even in that short time, especially with the reduction in swelling in my collar bones but was overcome with fatigue which led me to chase up my blood results!! My question is to you wise folk, is has anyone had a similar issue and have you been prescribed an alternative? From my own research I’ve noticed most DMARDS tend to upset the liver so trying to find out my options!! Thanks very much! 😀


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    Hello and welcome Susie1970 to Versus Arthritis Community Online Forum.

    Sorry to read of your recent problems with inflammatory issues, it can be quite daunting to you until you find the right solutions to settle it down. You will find good support, help and advice from our forum users who have also had similar problems. I've found this link that may be of help to you to get a better understanding.

    Please feel free to contact Versus Arthritis Helpline - 0800 520 0520

    Enjoy the forum.

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    Hello, you name the DMARD I've probably tried it. I'm in my 23rd year of psoriatic arthritis which, like all auto-immune inflammatory conditions, is caused by the immune system flaring causing the body to attack itself. The meds work by suppressing the immune system which is why we need the monitoring of regular blood tests.

    I began with sulph which did nothing so tablet methotrexate was added. That caused a rash which, after years of severe eczema, didn't bother me at all but upset my rheumatologist so that was changed to leflunomide. That did nothing apart from cause horrendous headaches so was changed to cyclosporine.
    That chose to make me hairy rather than tackle the cause of the arthritis. I stayed on sulph throughout. Yes, there are more meds to try and I hope your rheumatologist prescribes something soon.

    None of the side effects (apart from the headaches) bothered me because they didn't hurt. I am now on injected methotrexate and imraldi (a bio-similar) and disease activity is under control. I have blood tests every three months now but for many years they were fortnightly, how often are you having yours done? DD
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    All DMARDS can potentially upset the liver but that's not to say they will. And, just because one has done so that doesn't mean to say others will too. I hope you'll find the right one for you soon.
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