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I recently invested in a new, "sporty", mobility scooter, one which has be designed to cope with grass and uneven ground, but can still fold up to go in a car boot. Today I took "Little Blue 2" out for a ride and startèd exploring the footpaths around the village I now live in. It was wonderful, going along a footpath with a river running alongside. Ducks a dabbling, birdsong and butterflies.
It coped easily with the uneven ground and has opened up lots of exciting possibilities.
Stiff, tired but happy m0150


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    That is great news Slosh and the weather is good at the moment it is good to be able to get around and your new wheels seem to have opened a whole new world to you.
    I love to look for the kingfishers on our river but only glimpse them rarely but it sets me up for ages it is so magical.
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    I want to invest in a lightweight pair of binoculars. I'd love to spot a kingfisher.
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    That sounds perfect Slosh, have fun. xxx
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    I've long coveted one, Slosh. Unfortunately, with restricted arm movement and strength, I'd have to invest in an electronic garage door which would put the price sky high. Besides, my geriatric TKR doesn't bend far enough to get on most scooters. But I do envy you and I insist you have fun :D
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    Thanks Sticky,
    Little Blue currently lives in my back garden with a waterproof cover so easy to access.
    As well as helping me explore the countryside she'll be very useful (at least in good weather) for trips to the village shops.
    I thought of you the other day when I was folding and making hummingbird earrings.
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    That sounds a great way for you to explore your new surroundings.

    My late Dad had a red mobility scooter complete with a rear number plate. Yes, you did read that right! Dad's name was Bob and the number plate was personalised. 8) Sometimes if people he didn't know said "hello Bob" he wondered how they knew his name. When he queried it with them, they pointed out they'd guessed from the bright yellow (and reflective) number plate. :lol::)

    My brother has that number plate now even though we sadly lost Dad in 2013. I've got very precious photos of Dad on that scooter. He also used it to give his grandchildren rides up and down the back garden path. Mind you, they also enjoyed riding on "Nan & Grandad's stairlift" indoors. :)

    Happy memories for myself and my family.

    Have fun getting out and about. Take care,