Think Its Time I Said Hello!

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Good Morning Everyone, :):)

I joined the group a while ago but I have never posted so I thought it was about time I did.
I have had Rhumatoid since 2010 after having my little boy, they think it was caused by the pregnancy. (I would never change my son though)
2yrs after they also diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia.
I thought I would be to young to get Rhumatoid Artheritis as I was only 29 but from reading other peoples stories there are some people that are way younger than me.
The amount of medication is out of this world. Its one tablet to counteract the side effects of this tablet, and that tablet will counteract the side effects of this tablet. Who else gets confused with the tablets they are taking?
From having the Rhumatoid it has also affected my lungs and I have been diagnosed with ILD (Interstitial Lung Disease) and Degenerative Disc Disease.

My husband used to work Full Time, but as my illness progressed he went down to part time and now he is my Full Time Carer. Some people might think its a recipe for disaster being with your husband 24/7 but on the other hand I can get a friend round for a cuppa and catch up and send the hubby off to the driving range for a bit of rehab time for himself.

So that's me in a nutshell. Im a Mummy, Wife, Friend, Warrior but most of all here to enjoy life.

Take care everyone
Luv Amanda-Jane xx


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    Hi Amanda Jane. It's lovely to meet you but, as we say on here, sorry you had to find us. I love the username :D

    It's not unusual for RA to strike after childbirth. I got there ahead of it :wink: but I certainly flared badly after both births. Fortunately, though, I've managed to avoid fibro and ILD.

    Too young for arthritis? If only :roll: We've had parents of 2 year olds on here. That must be heartbreaking.

    Fortunately I'm not on a huge amount of meds. Methotrexate (with folic acid) and hydroxychloroquine for the RA, co-codamol at night for pain, omeprazole and gaviscon to combat the damage NSAIDS did to my stomach and a couple of inhalers for non-related asthma. Oh and ramipril for the high BP which probably IS related insofar as I can't get as much exercise as I'd like. However, I don't think about them much. It's all automatic :lol:

    As my husband is retired he's around a lot too. The driving range is a great invention, isn't it :lol: Thank you, No 1 Son for introducing him to golf :lol:

    Please join in anywhere on any thread. Living with Arthritis is the most popular forum. Chit Chat used to be quite lively but it's a bit quiet these days. I'll look forward to seeing you around.
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    Hello, it's nice to finally meet you, if you've been lurking then I probably don't need to do my usual introductory spiel, thank whoever, as I've seriously overdone things today. Twerp. :roll:

    I have psoriatic plus osteoarthritis and fibro. I was born with auto-immune nonsense and acquired more as life progressed (whoever wrote that poem about what your parents do to you was dead right as my two dodged what they gave me). For me it was no great surprise when this began back in 1997, it was all just more of the same, but the dross can spring forth at any time, with or without a family history and pregnancy is a well-known trigger.

    One of the common misconceptions by those who have never had to think about it is that arthritis is just for the old folks and no wonder: with around ten million people in the UK having arthritis, the majority with osteoarthritis and usually elderly, that makes perfect sense. The other misconception is that it comes in two kinds, RA and OA. In fact there are around 300 auto-immune inflammatory conditions including the auto-immune forms of arthritis AND osteo. It's an equal-opportunities disease, it has no respect for age, gender, class, race or even what kind of creature it chooses :lol:

    Meds-wise I'm not taking that many, for the PsA I inject methotrexate weekly and imraldi fortnightly, thanks to the imraldi I also need BP meds but that's only two per day and a daily anti-depressant. I keep my pain relief to the minimum. I have been offered further medication to help me sleep but I always refuse.

    Right, I'm off to make more tea and find some voltarol. And a bit of cheese. It's definitely cheese o'clock. DD
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