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Just above my knee cap feels like a tight band is wrapped around it, pain much worse when lying down, need to sit up all night. MRI scan showed cartilage damage and wear and tear, any ideas on how long this will last for, got hospital appointment on friday


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    I have little to add to my other replies on this: you have arthritic joint damage and it will hurt. It always does. Exercising the muscles surrounding the joint is important to help keep them strong, flexible and better able to support the joint. DD
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    I'm with DD. You have arthritis and it hurts. That's the way of things, I'm afraid but, if you're seeing a consultant on Friday, I suggest you note down any questions you have and ask them at the appointment. He'll have your notes and scans to hand and will be much better placed to answer questions than we are. Please let us know how you get on.
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    Thank you for your replies, it does help.

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