Stopping Biting Nais

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Anyone got any tips - I am 70 so been doing t a while now. Am experimenting with an elbow brace which makes it physically impossible but only as long as I wear it so not a long term fix


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    Hypnosis, must be worth a try?
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    You can buy a bitter-tasting, colourless and dull-finish nail varnish which is supposed to repel the taste buds. I did it rather differently by fainting in the kitchen, hitting the solid oak worktop on the way down and changing the shape of my upper jaw: now I can't bite anything cleanly as none of my teeth meet.

    The other way is will power but that is far from user-friendly as it demands too much of the individual. DD
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    How about gloves? Maybe just worn in situations where you'd be most likely to bite them.
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    My youngest, Lucy is a nail biter still at 21.

    She has to continually wear false nails that stops her, but if oen comes off.....nibble nibble :roll: