Does my 6 year old have JIA?

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Hi, my daughter was admitted to hospital in September with reactive arthritis following tonsillitus. Scans etc showed fluid on her hips. However since then she continues to suffer from joint pain. She complains of pain in her hip, knees and fingers. Shes often complains of being stiff, has had episodes of joint swelling and having a rash when she has been sore. Does this sound like JIA? Shes due to see the consultant in June about her on going pain.

Thank you.


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    Welcome to the Versus Arthritis forum. Sorry to hear of the problems your daughter is experiencing.

    Have you seen the section on juvenile idiopathic arthritis on the website? There's information about symptoms, the different types of JIA and the diagnostic path which may be helpful. You can find it here:

    It's good to hear that she doesn't have too long to wait to see the consultant and it does sound as though it might be worth discussing the possibility of JIA with him/her.

    Best wishes and good luck in finding the cause of her pain. Do let us know how you get on and please do feel free to share experiences or ask questions on here.

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    Hello, it is nice to meet you and I am so sorry you have had to find us.

    I am not a mum through choice but I was a poorly child with asthma and eczema and now can appreciate the strain that my mother (in particular) was under. This was back in the 60s when the meds which are now so common had yet to be invented so they weren't easy times. I wish you and your daughter well and please let us know how you both get on. DD
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