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I had a corker last night / this morning.

I was traipsing round an enormous building which was part our old university and part the college where Mr SW used to work. I was trying to (a)find him and (b) find a freezer in which to place the two enormous and unwrapped fish tails which I was carrying. One was salmon and the other I knew was mackerel even though I don't think mackerel is a large fish. Well, mine was.

In all the building I could only find one, small freezer which was (a)almost totally frosted over and (b)full of.....erm.....fish. I tried and shoved to no avail.

Then I bumped into Nigel Farage. Now, in real life, I might have slapped him round the chops with the fish but, in my dream, we had a polite exchange about his very good Euro election results even though I assured him I still didn't like either him or his policies. (Policy.)

This happened twice. Exactly the same both times. Then something touched my face and I woke up to find Mr SW beside me and the radio proclaiming the election results.

Well, at least the fish had gone.

Come on! Spill the dreams :lol:


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    Hahaha! That has to be the best dream I've ever heard Stickywicket :lol::lol::lol:

    Honestly you had me at the fish tails :lol::lol:c055.gif

    If I remember any I will be sure to come back here :wink:
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    Sticky, I suspect a fishy smell going on here, what a load of cods wallop! Ok ok just a dabb at some humour in this plaice.........

    Did you get the fish to somewhere cool for storage?
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    Come on, Airwave! Play us another tuna :wink:

    No, I think it must have been still in bed with me when I woke up. I have changed the sheets :D