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Hi everyone, this is the first time I have been on a forum I would like some info if possible, I am 57 and have led a very active life also love to draw and paint but the pain in my thumbs have stopped me doing so much now. I have recently been told that I have osteoarthritis in both hands and my thumb on my left hand has turned inwards the consultant has told me that a bone under the thumb will be removed to stop the thumb bone rubbing on the wrist bone, I do not know anyone who has had this operation and wonder if I should have the op or not as he said there was a chance it could become worse I can deal with the pain at the moment I am still working and active and I would find it a struggle to be off work for six weeks or even more if it does not heal, I would appreciate any information please.


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    Hello and welcome Misty62 to Versus Arthritis Community Forum

    So sorry to read of your problems with you hands and fingers, after being so active it must be so debilitating for you. You will find that some of our forum users have similar problems as you and will be able to offer some good help and advice of how they dealt it.

    I have found you a link that may be of help to you also:-


    Please feel free to speak to our Versus Arthritis Helpline 0800 520 0520 for any further help.

    Enjoy the forum.

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    Hello, it's nice to meet you and I am sorry you have had to find us. I don't think I can help very much as my situation is very different: all my fingers are affected and many other areas too with both psoriatic and osteoarthritis. I am now 60 and began when I was 37 so I've put in the hard yards.

    There are around ten million arthritics in the UK, the majority with osteoarthritis.
    This makes it a very common and therefore often misunderstood condition, frequently diismissed by those who don't have it as being something reserved for the elderly and you have to walk with a stick. I am sorry that you are finding out this isn't the case. Surgery is not offered lightly, there has to be significant damage before it becomes an option but as a veteran of a few procedures (none connected with my OA) I am a fan as it generally makes things better if one does the right things both before and after the operation. If one doesn't then don't blame the surgeon.

    One of the troubles with hand surgery is that we, as lay people, think 'Oh, it's only a little op because it's in a small space,' but that is not so. The hand is an extremely complex part of the body and any procedure counts as trauma. You might think you will struggle to have six weeks off work but that will be nothing compared to the struggle you would have if you went back too early. It can be a time of financial worry but nobody is indispensable - I remember one lady who thought she was, went back far too early, mucked everything up, blamed the surgeon and we never heard from her again. Completely by-the-by the most inconvenient op I had was was a double carpal tunnel, that took our marriage into new areas we do not want to revisit :lol: but it got it over and done with. I had two months off work after that (I was self-employed and that did hit the income stream) but it served to show me that I'd had enough and I retired: after flogging on for 17 years, deteriorating all the way, it was fabulous to stop and remains so to this day. DD

    PS. When people who join have successful surgery they go because they are fixed, we're not needed: it rarely occurs to them to hang around to help new people in a similar situation. You could try reposting on the Living with Arthritis board on here as more people look in and I hope someone else with a more relevant experience responds.
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    Hi Misty62 and welcome from me too :)

    I'm not 100% sure what operation you mean. I'm guessing trapeziectomy. You might find this helpful in understanding all about hand surgery. https://www.versusarthritis.org/about-arthritis/treatments/surgery/hand-and-wrist-surgery/ .

    It seems to me we get a disproportionate amount of enquiries about trapeziectomies. Mostly about them 'going wrong' or taking ages to recover. My impression is that the operation itself is relatively straightforward (bearing in mind the hand has a lot of complex bone structure) and, mostly, the problems arise because people assume it's a small operation from which they should recover quickly.

    You have been wise enough to see the potential pitfalls of wanting to get back to work quickly and so not allowing the surgeon's work to heal properly. You certainly have a dilemma if it is interfering both with work and with your cherished leisure activities. I'm afraid I really can't help other than to suggest you read carefully through the link, work out which surgery is on offer and then take the leaflet very seriously when it refers to recovery - the rest, the exercises, the length of time required. If we do things correctly they usually go well. If not, we take big risks. I've had knees and hips replaced and always successfully but I've been lucky enough to be in a situation where there was no pressure o me to 'heal quickly'. (Therefore, I did :lol: )

    If you don't have the op things will deteriorate over time and can be very painful. It's a horrible'damned if you do and damned if you don't' situation. I hope you have people you can talk it over with to decide what's best for you. You could ring our lovely Helpline people or have a chat with your GP. I've always found mine helpful in such situations.
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    Hi, thank you for your reply's and the information, I have read a lot about the operation and have decided to have it done, I can still draw and paint a little with my right hand while I heal, I have taken up sewing too so that will keep me busy while my hand heals, I am not going to rush things and a rest from my busy job is what I need you never know I may retire and do what id like to do for a change, I am going to be positive about it I have found a monthly arthritis group near me they have lots of information and it will be great to meet people who know how I feel.
    Thank you again I will tell you how the operation goes when I have it done. xxx
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    You sound extremely positive and well-informed and have a plan - or two :D I hope it goes really well for you and it would be very good to hear how things progress. Thank you.

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