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Ive heard thats it can be dangerous for people on dmards to have flu/shingles vaccines. Is this a decision lm supposed to make or does your doctor advise you?


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    Live vaccines are dangerous for us and must be avoided. So must anyone with shingles or chicken pox,

    Flu vaccines, on the other hand, are essential. I get one every year. Because we need the meds to lower our immune systems we have to make constant efforts not to catch things so I keep antibac gel in the house and car, make my husband use it too and ensure that all my friends and relatives know that, much as I love them, I don't want them around if they have a cold or anything else that's infectious.

    I don't know how the system works in Oz but my GPs have always written to remind me about the flu jab though I like to get it in early before all the bugs start (Don't have it while you have a cold) so I usually ask around the end of Sept / beginning of October.
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    Hi there, like Sticky I get my flu jab early because I also have asthma, in addition once every five years I get a top up injection for pneumonia. I haven't reached the lofty age of wisdom required for a shingles vaccine yet so can't help there.
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    I've had a flu jab for years and always will. Don't go by what you hear, people are idiots who misremember things, twist facts and often have no idea about what they think they sound so knowledgeable about. When in doubt ask a pharmacist, they know much more about meds and interactions than the average layman. DD
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