Tearful, stressed and depressed

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I have tried everything possible to get a good night sleep but I have been struggling because of the tenant/neighbour above me with her children.
I got a letter from.my Consultant that my health is deterating because I have not been getting enough sleep.
I don't feel like going out sometimes and when I do I have no one to go out with. I have my exam to do on line but I get tired and seem to concentrate especially with the loud banging and jumping coming from.the children above which I have complained about from.last year and nothing has changed.
I am due back to work next Monday and I have not felt valued and my work colleagues just don't understand Arthritis. Their mentality is old age which is definitely not the case.
I'm trying to do better but it is so hard. I live alone and my family are not supportive meaning siblings.
I'm so emotional whichthyosis does not help and I am not normally like this.
Thank you for listening.


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    Marcia, that sounds so sad, I just want to give you a hug. ((( ))) I know, from your previous posts, that you are not someone who gives in easily to problems and that you do try to be positive. It must be really tough if neither your family nor work colleagues nor neighbours are supportive in any way. Well done, you, for persevering with your exam.

    To take one thing at a time. I'm not sure if anything can be done about the neighbour's children. How old are they? Presumably teenagers as younger ones would be in bed themselves at night. Could you sleep in another room? Or put up ceiling insulation? Even decent ear plugs might help. Long term, I think trying to move might be the best solution. What or whom is the consultant's letter intended for? I can't see the family above taking much notice. Might it help you to get re-housed?

    It can be hard to make new friends when you have an ongoing disease / illness and are working too. I expect you're quite tired during your free time. Is there anything local you could get involved with? Could you check, online or in the local newspaper? Round here there are lots of groups – exercise groups for all abilities, crafts, games etc. Some are run by local churches, some by the local authority and some private. Some years ago I joined a Riding for the Disabled group. It was a real 'eye opener' into other people's conditions and everyone was very supportive of each other. That led to my being on the committee and making more friends. One thing often leads to another.

    I'm not sure how much you can expect of work colleagues. The trouble is, everyone thinks they know about arthritis so it's hard to explain what it's really like.

    Right now, despite all your efforts, you seem really down. Have you considered having a word with our lovely Helpline people? Just talking things through can sometimes make a big difference. And don't be afraid of asking your GP for a short course of anti-depressants. Sometimes it's all the little things combined that can make big differences. I hope they will.
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    Hi Marcia

    if you are in social housing then keep a log of the noise issues with times etc and then contact your housing association/council along with the Consultant's letter. If you are renting privately then contact the Council's Housing department to see if they can help, failing that get on the list. Councils give everyone on the list a "banding" with E being the lowest and A being the highest which is used to prioritise need. You can ask to be treated as a Welfare case which means filling in a wedge of paper, providing supporting evidence and then you will be considered by a panel. If you own your property the only option is to contact Environmental Health at your Council and ask them for help.

    As for not being understood and/or unsupported at work I sympathise. I can no longer work due to my OA and other conditions so don't have that problem but it is surprising how many people I know seem to blank me when I am out and about in my wheelchair even when I say hello.

    I live alone too but thank goodness I have a cat, she is great company and gives me a purpose.

    I hope things improve for you soon.