So frustrated

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Good grief, I'm tearing my hair out here.

Test result shows an issue I need to discuss with respiratory consultant and could be the result of RA or RA meds.
I've rung his secretary 4 times now, requesting an email address, telephone appt, an appt in the dept, ANYTHING! Nothing.

I've requested that my Rheumatologist and Respiratory consultant speak to each other as I'm currently passing messages and its taking forever. Rheumatologist has done her usual and said its all down to the respiratory consultant and nothing to do with her.

I even rang the GP to ask for help, to explain what the results mean and the prognosis but she replied that she was 'far too busy to deal with my problem' which left me in tears.

I really don't want to have to ring PALS but they're forcing my hand.


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    Sorry to hear that, it's so frustrating for you at a time when you need help. PLease ring PALs , it's what they are there for. Hope you get a solution soon.

    Deb xx
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    How frustrating! And how worrying that two consultants and a GP seem unconcerned! One can only hope that the matter is just something that can safely be dealt with at your next routine appointment. Did it say it was urgent?

    As dibdab says, PALS would seem to be the next port of call or, maybe, a complaint to the hospital about the lack of liaising.
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