Heating up nicely

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It is slowly heating up in south-east Englandshire.

I was a little late getting organised last year but am now checking the temperature in the cupboard where I keep my methotrexate syringes.
If it’s heading for 25c in there, they’ll be going in the fridge beside the Benepali like last summer.

Apologies to those of you who are yet to see the sun.
Small consolation, I know, but I’d happily swap places with you. Even after nearly twenty years down here, this Scots lassie still cannae cope with heat.


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    No swaps, BettyMac. I came the other way and love it here in the Borders.

    But that's a timely reminder for all injectees(? :? :wink: ) I guess fridges must feature in summer just as flu jabs do in winter.

    Thank you.
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