ESA Mandatory appeal turned down

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Well my appeal has been turned down. They claim that i should be in a Working Group and not a Support Group. Despite the medical evidence i provided, despite all the information i gave them, it seems that everything has been ignored. The return letter i got back really was desperate. They ignored the fact that i am using two sticks instead of one! and so many other basic points.
Now an appeal has been sent off to Her Majesty's Coursts and Tribunals Service in Glasgow. The priority was getting that letter sent off within one month. Now i'm just desperately gathering all my medical evidence ....again!......
Was at the physio this morning and explained about this. She is getting in touch with my GP to give far more detailed info about my hip. The reasons for not giving me ESA were pretty astonishing and the letter was pretty patronising. Also i'm going to ask for a steroid injection again as the pain killers are not working. I've been told by the DWP that i should hear about my PIP Mandatory Appeal by the end of next week.......i'm not getting my hopes up. If that is a no, then it is a case of going through all the same procedures again. It feels like a huge cloud is hanging over me and it just won't go away. The whole process is draining, having to go to numerous medical consultants for letters, just to prove that i have long term conditions. The system is pants!


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    I'm sorry. It must be so disappointing and draining. I'm afraid there's no way I can help but I do wish you all the strength you'll need.
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