Supervision as a Coach Carer

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Hi everyone
hope you are doing ok.
Although I do not have a Coachee to Coach ad the moment but I attend regular Supervision via Zoom.
It is really helpful to give suggestions to people who ae Coaching for support to their Coachee and to always remember to look after our own well being as much as we want to and it can happen go the extra mile for our client.
Its all about balance and keeping in check with ourselves. Its a good feeling to put something back into the community and to be supportive, kind and non judgemental even more so to those who are caring for their loved ones with terminal illness.


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    Sounds as though you're learning lots there Marcia.

    I don't suppose they have any idea how long it will be before you have someone to coach, but it sounds as though you'll be ready and waiting to start when someone is identified for you :)

    Are your supervisions online out of interest?

    Toni xx